Rekha Vijayshankar – Tatsfield

SurreyWise is a fantastic program. I say this after considered thought and the lived experience of being a part of the Tatsfield Group.

As a novice to social media, sceptical about its safety and not convinced that it would lend integrity to my marketing process, I started the group with more questions than answers.

But as time went on, I began to see that many were in the same boat as me. Using “normal” everyday vocabulary, Jackie Barrie de-mystified complex jargon like Facebook Like, the whys and wherefores of creating a business page, the relevance of tweeting, and the functionality of Hootsuite to name a few. I didn’t feel so lost any more.

But the real achievement is somewhat more subtle and deeper. It has become a sanctuary for non-media savvy people like me. We come in every Friday morning, meet for two hours, and learn to speak a whole new language. This language will enable us to share our time-tested, unique and valuable skills with a rapidly changing world much in need of our expertise.

I can see the growing confidence in myself as I feel more able, a more worthwhile contributor to this time and age…now that I can speak its language. This personal growth which I was clearly resistant to at the beginning of the program has actually deepened self-awareness and created a positive outcome.

I now have a young person building a website for my stress reduction and relaxation program called Conscious Living. I am excited at the prospect of having my own website! I can now add digital marketing explorer to my current expertise of being a meditation teacher, life coach, reiki healer, shaman and a writer!

I feel good…yes real good. Boy! What an achievement that is. Thank you Penny Power, Hannah Power and Jackie Barrie. We are all grateful.