Joanne McGowan – Shalford

Joanne, our Digital Coach for Shalford, has written a great blog about her Surrey WISE Journey,

Read on Joanne’s website Act One Adventures or below,

Even though my main businesses have, on the surface, had nothing to do with technology, I have always embraced it as a way to complement and further my business ambitions.  When I ran a dance school I was one of the first in my industry to have a website and use it as a marketing tool.  Now since starting Act One Adventures 5 years ago I have certainly taken advantage of all the ways social media and online technology can enhance my business.

About a month ago I was at home nursing a bad back when I saw a tweet about a project called Surrey Wise.  They were looking for tutors who could share their knowledge and train 100 women in social media and online skills so that they felt better prepared to go back to work or start or develop their own businesses.  The project really inspired me to want to get involved.  Almost 6 years ago it was me looking to get back to work and start my own business again.  It is a big step and sometimes the thought of all the new skills you will have to learn can be very daunting, especially when there is so much information out there to wade through.

The project also talked about wanting teachers who could nurture and support these 10 women on their journey.  Having been in that position I felt I could really emphathise and hopefully share my successes and mistakes to help these women find their own way into a new chapter of their lives.

So here I am.  I am the Shalford area coach for Surrey Wise.  Applications are rolling in from women all across the county and there are in total 10 courses running with 100 places between them. The course itself will get women using Facebook for business, Twitter and Linked in competently, show them how to find and create great content for their social media channels, help improve and develop their online profiles and contacts and give them avenues to explore to further their online and social media journeys after the course.  It will also help to develop a support network of other like minded women which is so important when developing a new business or finding your way back into the world of work.

The courses are being offered free to 100 women across Surrey (the actual course is worth £500) so it is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to get a head start on their work and business plans. The sessions will run from January – March, so a great way to start the New Year.  For full details of how to apply visit the Surrey Wise website and if you do decide to apply please quote code JOSW.