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It’s great to see our parishes so excited about being part of Surrey WISE!

We are very excited to have Suzanne Bellenger as our Digital Coach for Haslemere. Suzanne is a great trainer and we are sure she will be a great support to her ten ladies.

Here is a little bit about Suzanne

Suzanne’s interest in social media started four years ago, after a chance remark about Twitter led her to look more closely. She realised that not only was it great for news and research, the marketing opportunities it held for businesses were extraordinary.

With a background in IT training and support, Suzanne knew that to apply a system well, you had to understand it. She found most social network training was theoretical, so she learnt all she could about the systems behind the key networks so that she could offer practical, hands on training and show people how to use them for business advantage.

During the past four years, Suzanne has trained people at all levels and across many sectors. These range from women returning to work or setting up their first business to highly skilled corporate employees. While many come along proclaiming they are hopeless at “new technology”, the biggest issue she finds is not lack of ability but lack of confidence.

Suzanne’s approach to building confidence is simple – just do it. Again and again. Persistence and consistency is key and the best way to get over hurdles is to jump!

Suzanne now runs Yabba Media with her partner Liz Townsend (digital coach for Cranleigh). Based in Haslemere and Cranleigh, Yabba joins up the internet dots by mixing social media marketing with digital analytics. They teach the use of social media and then use Google’s range of analytics tools to measure its effectiveness and website performance.

Follow Suzanne on Twitter @yabbamedia