Fiona Stewart – Salfords and Sidlow

Fiona, our Digital Coach for Salfords and Sidlow, has written a post about her time with Surrey WISE, read on Fiona’s Website; Fiona Stewart Marketing or below,

Women. A vast resource of untapped business and entrepreneurial potential in Britain today. According to The Women’s Business Council, nationally, there could be an extra one million female entrepreneurs if women had the confidence and support to start businesses at the same rate as men. So it would make sense to make that support available, wouldn’t it?

Happily, at least in the case of the county of Surrey, where I live, this support is available. Thanks to funding from the Government Equalities Office, 10 digital coaches will each be able to train 10 more women (that’s 100 women in total) to boost their digital skills.

This initiative, known as Surrey WISE (Women in the Superfast Economy) will provide FREE training for budding entrepreneurs. These 10 pop-up digital business groups in rural parish areas will help create a “social-business community” under the guidance of the digital coaches.

Being a woman who started her own business, I couldn’t have been happier to have been selected as one of the 10 coaches. It feels almost serendipitous to be able to share my knowledge and experience of this entrepreneurial journey with other women. If I’d had the chance to be coached in the early stages of my business, it would have saved me a lot of unnecessary angst!

Training starts in January 2015 across 10 parishes in Surrey. There are six 2-hour coaching sessions where ladies will learn to apply digital technology & know-how to their business ideas. Experiences and expertise will also be shared through social media to help create a social-business community.

If you are a woman in Surrey who is thinking of boosting your digital skills to start a new business, or to find part of full-time work, then apply here (and quote RRSW on your application). The course is FREE for the 100 women attending. You will need basic internet skills, your own laptop and a smartphone. You also need access to wifi at home to practice and make use of the skills you learn.

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to reach to me personally – 07881 581 801 or email me on Otherwise, take a look at my profile on the Surrey WISE website.