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Surrey-Wisdom from the Windlesham cohort

The Windlesham SurreyWISE group has been on quite a journey, culminating in one of our number giving birth on the final day of the programme! Although not, I hasten to add, at the session itself. Now that would have been a news story.

At our sixth session, we took some time to review the learning from the course and discuss ways in which we have been implementing our discoveries. Here are some top tips compiled from our collective wisdom.

 1. Demonstrate your expertise

For professional service businesses, it is hugely valuable to demonstrate your expertise through blogging and sharing relevant and useful content, gathered with the help of tools like Google alerts. Blogging and social media really does work in bringing traffic to a website, and you don’t need a lot of technical know-how to blog.

2. Schedule your posts

Plan ahead and schedule your social media content sharing, using both native tools such as Facebook’s scheduling capability, and third party tools like Hootsuite. The ability to schedule makes working with social media viable alongside family life, and can even be done before going on holiday.

3. Remember the 80/20 rule

At least 80% of your content should be useful to your readers, with a maximum of 20% being about your business, or marketing messages.

4. Put together a checklist

Social media is about engagement, not just posting content. So supplement your scheduled posts with a checklist of day-to-day actions such as checking and responding to your twitter mentions, and replying to blog comments. It is important to be active and timely in responding to and engaging with followers and fans.

5. Be selective  

You can’t do everything. Be selective about which platforms you want to use and how to use them. And take your time, don’t feel that you have to do everything straight away. Social media can be time consuming.

6. Build up your professional profile

It’s never too soon to get your LinkedIn account set up and start making connections, gaining endorsements and recommendations. Even if you are not currently in business/job market, it is worth working on your profile so you are ready when you need to be seen professionally.

7. Twitter chats rock

Twitter chats are fun, and a great way to network online in real and make new contacts. And the Windlesham group has even come up with its own hashtag #WindleWISE.

8. Meet up with likeminded people offline

Finally, there was agreement about the value of the networking aspect of the course. The group loved the interaction with new people, and ability to bounce ideas, and find inspiration from the women in the room. So much so that the women are planning to get together from time to time to continue supporting each other on their digital and professional journeys. As one participant put it: “I’m surprised by how much I learnt… and by how much there still is to learn!”

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