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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘Surrey WISE’ mean?

Surrey WISE stands for Surrey Women in the Superfast Economy

What is this project aiming to achieve?

The project which aims to improve the women’s awareness and empower them to gain confidence, self esteem and digital skills to encourage women to get back to work or to start new businesses.

Why is it only in Surrey?

Our project is focused on Surrey, however there are 15 other similar projects nationwide

Why is it only in 10 parishes?

Our funding is for 100 women across Surrey, we thought this was best split by 10 women per parish

What is a digital coach?

A digital coach is the lady who will run the training sessions for each parish. We will find this lady on approval of each parish. 

Will it cost my parish to apply?

No. There is no cost to the parish. We have a small budget for refreshments and any additional things we need to provide e.g. extension cords. Ideally there would not be a fee for the hire of a hall as most parishes have access to an area we can use. This may be a hall, a local library or any appropriate venue.

How many women will attend each session?

The entire project will run with 10 women per parish receiving 6 2 hour sessions over a 2 month period with a celebration at the end. There will be no charge to the women or the parish.

How will you advertise the event?

We intend to use social media, networking and local advertising to find the 10 women. This job will fall largely to each parishes ‘Digital Coach’. The Digital Coach will be chosen by us, on approval of each parish.

Why wasn’t my parish chosen?

When choosing our parishes we wanted to ensure we had a good geographical spread accross Surrey. It was also necessary for the parishes to be able to provide a venue with wifi and plug sockets. We made our decision based on these points.

Can men apply?

No. Currently Surrey WISE is only open to women. Hopefully there will be future projects that will include men.

Will it be required for someone from the parish to be present at training sessions?

 We do not require someone from the council to be present. The Digital Coach will run the session. The parish is just required to provide a venue.

Can I get access to digital skills education?

If you feel you would like to acquire digital skills but don’t wish to be  a part of this project, please email info@surreywise.co.uk and we will do our best to help you